The Argentine Border

After a gruelling thirty hour journey (two planes and two long distance buses), I found myself in the small city of Barracao at just after five in the morning. The host was another Quadrangular church and the Lord’s goodness began long before the meeting. I had persuaded the pastor and interpreter to take me to the small Christian bookshop where I met a lady with a frozen shoulder. In just seconds, she was freed by the Lord Jesus and began swinging her arm around with amazing new liberty. The pastor was excited and told the folks this in the evening, and I began ministering healing to those in pain before I preached. Many were healed straight away and came to the platform to share their stories. Interestingly, the vast majority of those in the service were from Argentina (we were right on the border and visited Argentina the next day). Despite my English speaking, and the Portuguese interpretation, these Spanish speakers understood the Word of God very welll. It stunned me to see around fifty people come to the front to repond to the Gospel (many teenagers) and the pastor told me afterwards that a solid half of them were first time decisions for Jesus. Many were also Argentinian, praise God!

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The following night, due to the changed schedule, I was graciously invited by another evangelist (American Evan Wiggs) to pray for the sick in his meeting there in Barracao, this time without the help of an interpreter. Thankfully, I had picked up enough Portuguese to be able to say “Pain go immediately, in the Name of Jesus!” and it seemed like almost everyone was healed of their pains and a deaf lady received her hearing. Wonderful!

At just after one o’clock in the morning, I began the journey to Apucarana. The church there was new and seemed to like to have a “lot of action” in their meetings. While I was preaching, an evil spirit threw a man to the floor and he lay there as though dead! I ignored these foolish antics and brought my Gospel appeal. They had a lot of leaders there and they joined me in praying for the sick. A large number of people were healed from pain, and four extra names were added to the Book of Life – Amen!

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It was now Sunday as I arrived in my final city of Promissao and, although struggling with some health issues (due to bad food), I settled down to enjoy my last two days of ministry. Over the two nights in “Calvary Baptist Church” we saw over ten people come to faith in Christ and many others healed too. Many spinal problems were healed “live” in front of everybody. Around twenty people came to line up for prayer and, as I walked down the line, every single one of them was healed and testified to it. I was staggered!

On my final night, I preached a devotional message about being in love with Jesus, not just serving Him. The service (and the whole mission) ended with the church (four hundred people perhaps) kneeling at the altar, crying out to be filled with the Father’s passion for Jesus Christ. God’s Spirit was visiting us. Promissao was a special place, and I couldn’t help myself but weep as I told the pastor and congregation how wonderful their worship was. There was something blessed from God upon that church. The service concluded with additional healings. I prayed for the sick for hours.

Praise God!

November 2007

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