Peter Cavanna has had two short booklets for the ‘Renewal Series’ published by Grove Books.


The Healing Ministry of St PaulWhile St Paul is normally associated with the apostolic work of evangelism and church planting, a careful study of the New Testament will show that the ministry of healing, signs and wonders was a regular feature of his life and mission.

In this practical and helpful booklet, Peter Cavanna seeks to show how some of the principles that Paul developed in the healing ministry of the first century can be applied effectively today.

Grove code: R35
Author: Peter Cavanna
ISBN: 9781851747108
Publication date: January 2009

Discerning SpiritsPrice: £ 3.95


This booklet seeks to present an altogether different interpretation – one that has a vital connection with prophecy, and which may enable us to discover a gift of the Spirit in the church that we did not know we had.

Grove code: R24
Author: Peter Cavanna
ISBN: 1851746218
Publication date: April 2006

Price: £ 3.95

Grove BooksGrove Books in a hard copy or in an e-book version.

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