Epilepsy Report

ReportDear Peter,

It is now over two months since you blessed us at the church with your ministry and the power of God was manifested in healing. You may or may not recall on the Monday evening ministering to a lady named Carol who was suffering from epilepsy and I think you told her it was the same kind of epilepsy as you had been delivered from. Carol has had a difficult life… with severe learning difficulties and was epileptic from a very early age….

Peter, since the night you prayed for her, Carol has not had an epileptic fit!! Prior to that she had never gone more than a week or exceptionally two without having one.

As you rightly have said, some healings are immediately manifested and some have to be proved over a period of time and I thought two months was a reasonable time to wait before letting you know. We keep encouraging Carol to thank God every day for His healing and give Him all the praise and glory…

Yours sincerely

Name and Address supplied. ‘Carol’ is a pseudonym for the sake of privacy.

25th June 2009

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