Seven Meetings in January 2008

PaigntonIt was my pleasure to minister at seven different venues throughout England in January 2008. A number of folks gave testimony to full or partial healing at Bridport Christian Fellowship, Dorset, including a visiting Roman Catholic lady who had damaged her hand. She wept as she was able to remove her bandage, and a “pins and needles” sensation told her that blood was once again beginning to circulate around it again! I motored further West down to Paignton, where on Sunday evening a large crowd gathered to hear the Word of God. The church had been experiencing a fresh move of the Spirit in the morning and the atmosphere was electric, not least when a lady with a frozen shoulder began moving her arm freely. This would happen at the end of the month too in Royston.

The following evening, I made my way to Plymouth where once again people were healed. I had to persevere a little but found the Spirit of God breaking through. It was exciting to see a man (John) healed of the arthritis in his elbows and knees, as well as a lady who was unable to sit and stand properly do so to the glory of God. Next evening in the mid-Devon town of Okehampton, a young woman was healed instantly in her back, much to the amazement of her friends.

Perhaps the most prominent miracle occured in the fishing town of Brixham. Once again, I had to persist in faith and I began to wonder if anyone would be dramatically healed. Suddenly, a young woman (Daphne) who had been deafened in both of her ears by illness, testified to her ears “popping”. As I touched her ears for the second time, they opened up and she had to clasp her hands over them because the sound was far too loud! Hallelujah! No sooner had this happened, than another lady (Martine) experienced the healing of Jesus. Her tightened chest became loose and she began going up and down the stairs again and again, thrilled with her new freedom from pain and general breathlessness. I told two taxi drivers and a bus driver outside the Baptist church venue about these miracles, before stopping off at a local garage to share more testimonies with a group of youths, and two very sceptcial garage attendants. Jesus said that we were to be witnesses to Him. Having seen these amazing healings, I for one could not help myself!

Ray SmithI travelled back to Cambridge, arriving just in time to attend a special meeting promoting Christian Against Poverty in the evening. One of the guests at this event was Ray Smith (left), a man who had recently come to Christ in our Cambridge church. Ray walked with a stick and had been somewhat aged by a very painful arthritic hip, that made life very difficult for him and he walked very slowly, often stooped over. The week before I had left for Devon, I laid hands upon him and Ray testified to receiving an electric jolt as I did so. My jaw almost dropped as I saw Ray again, ten days later. He walked perfectly well. All the pain was gone, as was his stick. He looked years younger. Hallelujah!

I concluded the month by visiting Swan Mead Christian Fellowship in Basildon, Essex (not a healing meeting as such) and then Bethel Community Church in Royston, Yorkshire. In Royston, there were a number of people healed which was exciting. More unusual was Mark’s story, the man who was looking after me during the visit. Unable to get personal prayer in the service, he later clasped hold of my suit jacket (without my knowledge!), remembering the woman with the issue of blood who touched the clothes of Jesus to receive her healing. I was to learn later by email that this act of faith resulted in the healing of his shoulder. What a wonderful Jesus we serve!

Praise God!

January 2008

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