Portuguese Meeting

We were among the Portuguese speaking believers at the “Church on the Way” in Thetford, Norfolk in June 08. Pastor Alexandre Silva leads a Saturday evening group made up of Portuguese and Brazillian Christians, and after my trip to South America in 2007 it was wonderful to hear that style of worship again – I even recognised some of the songs!

After I shared a very simple Gospel message, interpreted by “John”, the miracles began. Most notable perhaps was the testimony of a partially hearing man who after prayer shared with the congregation with great joy that he could now hear very well! It was a very exciting moment and this particular healing is becoming quite common for me to witness, praise God!

Portuguese Meeting    Portuguese Meeting    Portuguese Meeting

Several others were set free from pain in their backs or legs – I would estimate around ten people in all gave testimony to being healed and, despite trying to hand the meeting back to the pastor, I continued to pray with the people for a long time. One of the last was Carolina, suffering from a gynecological disorder. As I prayed for her she shook under the anointing and was both alarmed and blessed by the experience as it was not a common thing for her to do! I look forward to meeting her again and seeing if she has been cured from the problem. An exciting evening of the goodness of Jesus!

Praise God!

June 2008

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