Wedding Wonders

DebdenBefore this new move of God, I would often visit and preach at some of the smaller churches in the Cambridgeshire area, often those that had no Minister. One such church was the Debden Pentecostal Mission. I enjoyed visiting this little church because although they were small in number (sometimes only around fifteen people on a Sunday night), yet they seemed to have such a good spirit. So when God began moving and I began seeing miracles, even in small churches like this, I asked the elders there if we might do three evenings of evangelistic meetings in May 2006, praying for the sick and sharing the Good News about Jesus. It was a wonderful set of meetings and at least one person was healed in this small crowd each night.

Of particular note was a dear lady, Audrey, who appeared to receive a significant improvement in her hearing after prayer. The night before she had not come for prayer because she had not been able to hear me ask people to come forward! On this final night, I put my figure in her deaf ear and commanded it to hear and she certainly began to hear me quite clearly, hearing aid out! I recall also on the second evening, some of the folks from King’s Church were praying for a man, Fred Dare, with a damaged knee. To their amazement, there came a sudden “popping” from his knee, and he was healed. I was able to learn a number of months later that this miracle resulted in Fred not having to have an operation and amazing his doctors who were baffled by the x-ray. Fred no longer uses a stick and walks up to three miles a day. It was an indisputable miracle of Jesus Christ.

SimonMay was concluded with a visit to my dear friend Simon Walker’s wedding in North Wales (left) – I was the Best Man! The following morning I had opportunity to share in the church in Rhyl and taught on forgiveness. Although his wedding had been the day before, both Simon and his new wife Jennie were in the meeting, on time and excited about what the Holy Spirit was going to do. Now that’s dedication! Amazingly, though I had not preached on healing, many still came for prayer and praise God many of them were healed. One man I recall freed from a back complaint and began to move without pain, to the delight of his wife. A girl with ME fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and the Lord began to operate upon her life in a glorious way, although I am not sure what happened to her afterwards. A young lady, Jo, told me that she suffered with an allergy to household animals like dogs which caused her great distress, requiring the use of an inhaler. Jesus healed her just as I was leaving and I heard many months later that she was completely free of this problem (she even testified to it on BBC Radio). I was also thrilled to hear later that one of the church members there had been reunited with her father, responding to my message on forgiveness. Unquestionably, more powerful and longer lasting than any physical healing that happened that day.

Praise God!

May 2006

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