Peter Moves to London!

Posted: September 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

After five years of leading, loving and lecturing students at Mattersey, I am sad to say I am leaving the area on 30th September and relocating to the London School of Theology, full-time, for at least one year. Yes, I am swapping the teacher’s role for that of the student, as a full-time researcher on their PhD programme. My thesis proposal has been graciously accepted by the department at LST, where my principal supervisor will be senior Pentecostal lecturer, Dr William Atkinson. My paper will focus on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in the teaching gifts of 1 Corinthians 12-14.

Peter at LST


  1. David says:

    Dear Peter and Jane  We can certainly imagine the emotions you must feel on leaving Mattersey in search of pastures new but know you will be holding tightly to the promise that “ALL things work together for good…” We will be praying for you in this new season and believing that greater fruit will be produced as a result of this move South. I look forward to reading the finished product,should it become generally available. Pardon my ignorance but will it be enlarging upon Harold Horton’s foundation or some other tack? We can also identify with you in our inability to predict the future. Seven years ago we retired from Pastoral ministry and handed over to Tim Jones. Three months ago another local church the Way AoG ran into some leadership difficulties and asked AoG for help. So for 3 months I have shared the ministry there with Tim. Problem was as I did this I began to see a vision of what God might do here along with a growing conviction that He could use us to begin this process. Then some of the leaders came to us about taking on the Pastoral role. They have a church meeting next Tuesday to decide on the way forward and if this goes as expected we shall be leaving the still waters of “retirement” for the living waters of Pastoral ministry. I like to think that there is another area of Theology yet to be explored – God’ Sense of Humour. Maybe we could co-author a book on this some day. Where ever we are at our future is as bright as the Promises of God.   God Bless David and Judith Weeks

  2. Paul Bunch says:

    Most encouraging to see God’s hand and the power of the Holy Spirit through your years of service, Peter. God bless you in your continued service to Yeshua and attest it with more accompanying signs.

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