Bridport, Paignton, Plymouth


I was able to catch up with my friend John Mellor at Stansted Airport for a couple of hours and it was a delight for us to be together and share our various stories. I try to learn all I can from him, and I love sharing in the excitement of his latest adventures. Our time was all too brief and he left me to fly to Germany (exclusively in order to pray for a young man afflicted with cancer), before embarking on a longer and more perilous trip to Egypt. Despite the brevity, I was encouraged by being with John and ready for a five meeting ministry trip to the West of England.

An Icthius fellowship in Bridport was the first venue. One of their elders had very kindly contacted me and invited me to come on the strength of the article that had appeared in “Joy Magazine.” I ministered at a Saturday evening and Sunday morning healing service. I recall one lady Saturday evening receive God’s touch in multiple parts of her body, being freed of both arthritis and tinnitus in the ears. Another man testified to being healed of tinnitus the following morning. It was wonderful to witness. I prayed with one of the elders, John, concerning his hiatus hernia and, although there was no tangible evidence at the time, I received an encouraging letter from him a few months later to confirm that his hiatus hernia had “faded away.”

Bridport Worthy of special mention is Maria, a lady from the worship team who wasn’t able to receive prayer in the service and asked her friend to pray with her in the car on the way home. She suffered with severe pain in the ear, which bled. As she received prayer in her car, there was no change, but upon waking the following morning, the problem had entirely disappeared and she was free! I was amazed to see people healed “in their seats” on Sunday morning, without needing hands laid upon them, and this was to happen even more powerfully in the evening meeting at Paignton.


I motored quickly from Bridport Sunday morning to be at Paignton Assemblies of God for the Sunday evening service. This was a wonderful meeting as the Lord chose to heal people in their seats once again, and after I had finished teaching, I prayed very simply and asked for testimonies. I was amazed as six people came to the platform to share how they had been healed just sitting in that meeting, including the Senior Pastor who had received liberty back into his hands. It was extraordinary and I was so thankful to God for what He had done.

BBC Radio Devon
I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in the company of Pastor Mike Symonds of Plymouth. I spoke in Carmel Church on the Tuesday evening, and we witnessed a number of healings. These included a lady delivered of back trouble, bending with glee; plus a deaf man appear to receive very significant improvement in hearing, to the shock and awe of those members of the congregation who knew better than I how deaf he was. The following day, the Pastor took me to the BBC studios in Exeter, where I had opportunity to share on Radio Devon. I had twelve minutes to share the message of Jesus’ power to heal people, both in the Bible and also today, and then I prayed for the many thousands of listeners to receive their own miracle. What a privillege! Months later I was contacted by an unsaved lady who heard that broadcast and I was able to encourage her to know Christ as her Saviour and to get connected to a good local church.

Praise God!
July 2006

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