Czech Revival in Peterborough

czechIn April 2009, I visited Peterborough’s International Christian Centre for a Sunday evening healing service. True to its name, the packed hall contained at least fifty members of the local Czech community and a young teenage girl acted as my interpreter. The power of the Lord flowed very strongly in this place, as person after person testified to being healed, perhaps fifteen in all. An African lady began walking with great freedom after a prolonged period of immobility, much to her delight! All manner of pains and infirmities were touched by the Spirit, as the people clapped and shouted with joy. Bad legs and knees, migraines, painful backs, frozen shoulders – each were healed and these were mostly complete restorations, coming almost instantly.

Perhaps most notable during the evening was a Czech man who had been suffering for eighteen years with gall stones (this was how my interpreter described it) that caused his right side to be in constant pain, particularly difficult when he drank fluids. Oh, what a delight to see him set free, taking three large drinks of water to demonstrate the glory of Christ that had touched him! Many of the young people pressed forward so that I would bless them, not something I am used to in a British context. Tears and laughter flowed. Not unsurprisingly, the evening also included a number of people giving their lives to Christ as Saviour for the first time, as they witnesses this incredible display of the power of God. Towards the end of the evening, a lady presented me with her three year old son, Dominic. She did not want prayer for healing but simply to give thanks. He had been suffering with a tumour over his eye and, without any medical attention, this Czech mother had persistently prayed for him and had watched the tumour vanish from his body over time (not in that evening’s service). I was amazed. What great faith she had. It was one of the most exciting evenings I have had in Britain.

Earlier in that same week, I was privileged to be invited to minister at ‘The Sovereign Centre’ in Downham Market. Over three evenings, I sought to train the folks in the healing ministry and on the final evening we prayed for an impartation of the healing gift. It was great to see so many in the church receive God’s touch and immediately become involved with praying for the sick and seeing them get healed! I heard that this also occured over the following Sunday too

Downham MarketDuring the week, there were a number of notable healings and improvements that the Lord brought. Some of the healings were undeniable but only partial. Anne was not able to move her arm easily. She testified to an 80% improvement, on one occasion feeling a “grinding” sensation across the affected part of her shoulder. A younger lady, Michelle, had a frozen shoulder and after a prolonged period of ministry on the first evening, the mobility of her left arm was amazingly liberated. “I’m impressed,” she said. But the healing was certainly not complete on the night. Instant cures included a man, wonderfully healed of spondylosis in his neck, while a younger man with a sporting injury to his knee was set free and began bending with no further trouble. A visitor to the final evening, John, accepted Christ as his Saviour and later received some prayer for his painful hip. He left saved and cured and was still buzzing with excitement days later! A brand new life awaits him. Praise God!

April/May 2009

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