Return to Brazil

Return to BrazilAfter over forty hours of travelling I arrived in the Brazillian town of Espera Feliz in Minas Gerais. It had been almost two years since I had ministered in South America but I needn’t have worried. This first night of the mission was absolutely awesome with many miracles, perhaps as many as fifteen in the first meeting alone . Among them was Simona, healed of an injury sustained in giving birth. She was especially thrilled as she also received a cure from an irritating buzzing sound in her ears. Other miracles included Pelma, healed of laryngitis; another lady who was healed in her collar and neck (and gave her life to the Lord then and there); fresh mobility restored to a very excited man’s arm; and another lady healed of pain that was all through her body. A deaf woman recieved prayer and one of her deaf ears opened for sure (but not the other). Most memorable was a man who received prayer on the first night for his crooked spine and felt a strange heat upon it. He returned the next night to testify in public that he was amazingly healed. Great to see teenagers come to know Jesus as their Saviour in these meetings too. The anointing and faith was very strong –  I will probably never forget my time in Espera Feliz!

At Contagem – an area I had preached in before in 2007 – the Lord continue to heal. Many found relief from back pain, including the Minister’s neighbour, who gladly returned to work the next day. People testified to full or partial healing from deep vein thrombosis (after three months); a prostate infection; with a number sharing that they could walk so much better; while a young man said he was healed of dizziness. A girl with “burning skin” was healed while another lady was set free instantly from tinitus – probably my favourite healing in that city and marvellously captured on film (see middle image below). Evangelist Luis Lobez was my interpreter in Contagem. He was excellent and I’m sure he improved and ‘latinised’ my message too!

Contagem Contagem Contagem

Moving on to a wonderful church in Teoilo Otoni, the Lord’s blessing kept flowing. A team of street actors/witnesses were ushering people into the meetings there, holding banners declaring that Jesus heals today. In this city I met up with my old friend Evangelist Douglas Junior who gave me one of his African preacher’s shirts! More people were healed from pain in Teofilo Otoni than can be mentioned here, while others found mobility restored to them. Most exciting was the restoration of a paralysed arm, which stunned us all. Also special was the healing of a little girl who had suffered with a painful breathing condition since birth – the Lord healed her. Another lady said that she could not swallow properly. As I prayed, she shared that a “band inside her throat” was shrinking. I ordered it to vanish and it did so! Another notable moment in this city was a lady who came for prayer desiring to see healing in her own leg and to receive the anointing of the Spirit. Instead of praying for her, I encouraged her to lay hands upon herself. She needed no empowerment from me – she was healed at her own word and left the meeting on top of the world! Thrilling to see around eight people come to know the Lord there. That’s what it is all about.

Teo Teo Teo

This week of mission over, I boarded the overnight bus taking me to another State, Rio de Janeiro. When I had thought of Rio back in Britain, my mind had gone to long beaches and tourist zones. I could not have been more wrong and within a few days my meeting would be interupted by machine gun fire. More on that in the next ‘Healing Blog’.

Praise God!

September 2009

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