Waiter Healed in Restaurant

On Wednesday 19th December 2007, the church worship team and I went out for a “Christmas meal” at Chilis Restaurant in Cambridge. The waiter introduced himself as Christopher, a young man from Poland and I made up my mind very early on that I wanted to speak to him about the Lord. As we were leaving, I engaged him in conversation about his life and future and asked him if we could pray for him about any needs he might have. He explained that he had some damage in his knee cartilage and sat down to receive prayer. I touched his knee for a few seconds and asked the Master to cure him. As he stood, much to his own shock, his pain had gone and he was free. Quite stunned, Christopher removed the bandage from his knee and began moving it unhindered. That’s the power of the Holy Ghost! We gave him our details and left excited.

chilisA fortnight passed and it seemed like a good idea do some “follow up” early in the New Year, so a group of friends and I went down to the restaurant again. Christopher recognised me and welcomed us all very warmly. He was just fine. The operation that he had been waiting for had been cancelled. “I don’t need it!” he said. As we sat having our meal, he brought a waitress to see us who had been suffering with a recent distressing gynecological problem. He had clearly been sharing his story with others in the restaurant, as she knew all about Christopher’s healing. We were able to talk to her about the Lord and pray with her too, but it was not possible to “test out” her cure then. Precious tears flowed down her cheeks, and we swapped emails. It was our joy to return a few months later and find that same girl absolutely restored by the power of God.

December 2007

Postscript. Jump forward four and a half years, and Phil, one of the worship team, is taking his wife out at another restaurant in Cambridge for Mothers Day 2012. Christopher is once again the waiter, and is more than surprised when Phil remembers him and the miracle. Christopher let him know that he has never forgotten the ‘magic’ that happened to him in 2007 and owes his working life to the events that night in Chilis. “I’ve told everyone I know,” he reports to Phil. And the lady who also worked with him who could not conceive now has many children. Christopher had still not surrendered his life to Christ, but Phil shared the Gospel with him afresh and left the restaurant in no doubt that the Lord of all mercy was reaching out to him once again. Praise God!

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