Doctor Amazed by Ultra Sound

TECThe Thorpe Marriot Village Hall was the venue for a special meeting held with Taverham Evangelical Church in March 2011. I am always surprised by the Lord, and I couldn’t have been more amazed when a member of the church congregation, a school teacher, testified to being healed while watching a Youtube video of my interview with Shake Multimedia the week before the service. I believe the church had shown the ten minute video as a promo or taster for my visit. As I mentioned the healing of someone with a frozen shoulder on the video, the man wanted to believe God for his own frozen shoulder, and the Lord touched him straight away. He was more than happy to demonstrate his remarkable improvement to me, and I was blessed too. Not only this man, but many others found freedom from pain and infirmity in the Hall, as I spent a couple of hours praying with different ones, and there was a wonderful sense of prophetic ministry too.

A week after the service, I received an encouraging testimony by email. For privacy’s sake I will not include the names, but here is a portion from it:

“I know you will want to know that my husband and I have had a real healing from the service. I was the second lady you spoke to in the congregation that had felt something had happened before the actual service started… I had a lung problem that had to have an x-ray, and ultra sound plus an ECG. It was found on the x-ray that the bottom right hand lung had a swelling and it was known what was causing it which produced breathing problems and a possible collapsed lung. We were going to fly on 6th April which meant a cancelled holiday as you cannot fly with a suspected collapsed lung. However on Friday of last week I had the ultra sound and absolutely nothing was found out of the ordinary! I know I should have expected it, but confess I was really surprised at the result. My Doctor was quite amazed so I told him about the service – must keep the good news going! My husband had a stiff neck from an accident seventeen years ago and he has got much more movement in it now…” 

Praise God!

March 2011

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