Heart Palpitations Cease

In BulwellMarch 2012, we began to experience a fresh move of the Holy Spirit in our Cambridge church. The atmosphere changed in one of the Sunday services, leading to a number of people testifying to some form of physical recovery. One lady emailed me and said, “I felt a warm sensation starting just above both knees radiating through my upper body. This started the minute Peter walked towards us… I was lost for words because I was in the anointing at that specific moment… ”  The blessing of this special Sunday naturally overspilled into other church events and meetings over the next few weeks, igniting people with a new hunger for the Lord and a desire to move from lukewarm to hot!

At that time, I visited Bulwell Christian Fellowship in Nottingham to speak for two evenings: at their Hope and Healing Weekend.Although in a needy part of Nottingham, the church has known much blessing historically and been visited by a number of prominent evangelists with signs and wonders following, so it was a real privilege for me to minister there. On the first night I shared a very simple Gospel message, encouraging people to receive the forgiveness of Jesus, and a number responded, including children and young people, and this was a delight.

After this, the Lord began to confirm His message by healing many of the people. We were slightly shocked to see people being healed so quickly. The first lady touched had pain all through her body, suffering terribly with arthritis. Within a few moments she testified to being “one hundred percent” free of pain, and was clearly stunned by the experience. Faith arose all over the room: her friend was healed of strong pain in her knees and arms, wiping tears from her eyes in amazement; an elderly lady stood up from her wheelchair, finding new freedom to move without pain (although the improvement was not full); she gripped my fingers with what had previously been a fairly immobile hand, shouting out to all who would listen, “I’m gripping! I’m gripping!” Another man who waited patiently for prayer was rewarded with a special miracle. He testified to being cured of bronchitis and beamed at me the following evening, filled with joy for all that the Lord had done! Many others shared that their pain or discomfort had either gone or was improved. It was a great night of miracles.

The second evening was a little quieter, with many folks receiving prayer but on this occasion there was very little immediate testimony. However, I did spend a while praying with a young man who was a radio DJ, working with an American broadcast platform. This is a portion of the encouraging email he sent to the Minister the following day:

“Hi Pastor. Further to our conversation I want to confirm to you that I am healed after receiving prayer from Peter Cavanna yesterday. About a year ago I was told I had an under active thyroid. This was not really a great concern as it had not given me any problems. However about three weeks ago I returned from a ministry trip to Florida and went to the doctors after my hands and feet kept tingling. My doctor checked my heart and said it was palpitating (this can be caused by under active thyroid). After this my heart kept constantly palpitating which was quite disconcerting and a little concerning to be really honest. Anyway ******* visited yesterday and mentioned that she was attending the meeting with Peter last night and I just felt prompted to come. I was struck by Peter’s complete humility and desire to worship God. Anyway I came forward for prayer and since he prayed have not had a single heart flutter. As you can imagine I have been praising the Lord…..” (Name Supplied)

Japanese guestReturning to Cambridge, God’s blessing followed. The next day, my wife Jane was running our ladies group and a Japanese Professor attended. She was a Christian visiting Cambridge and shortly to return to her lecturing duties in Japan. Hearing the stories of God’s goodness, the lady became hungry for the Lord and, after prayer and instruction from my wife, she received her glorious baptism in the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues for the first time. She was overwhelmed with joy, as were all the ladies (pictured left). A week later, I was privileged to pray for a man with a bad back in a cafe during an outreach. The Lord touched him and he went back to work the next day, emailing me to let me know. Praise God!

March 2012

  1. Ruby L Jaso says:

    Please pray for my irregular heart beats . i fill they are taking control of my life. I need a miricle healing.. I am 41 married and 6 beautiful children. Please pray for healing.

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