Healings in Plymouth

Plymouth 2007After getting married at Christmas to the wonderful Jane and enjoying a honeymoon, it was time to begin my travelling for 2007 by visiting the thriving Engage Church in Plymouth in January. There had been a demonstration of God’s power during my last trip to Plymouth and so expectation was high and there were good numbers in attendance. The Sunday morning service was not specifically a healing meeting, but I felt unable to conclude my time without being obedient to the Holy Spirit and praying briefly for back complaints. Quite a large number of folks stood to identify with this word and there were two who testified to an immediate and miraculous removal of their back pain, to the glory of God.

That evening, I gave much more time to ministering to the sick. There were a number who testified to feeling better, although by far the most dramatic was a man called Graham. I had noticed him in the meeting while I was preaching and he came and stood at the front of the church as folks came to receive prayer. He told me that eighteen months before, a caravan had fallen upon him and caused damage to the lower part of his body, below the waist. This gave him constant pain and a clicking in his legs/thighs as he moved them – not too surprising, given the tons of weight that had fallen on him. I prayed for him a number of times before we got the breakthrough. Suddenly, the clicking sound as he moved had mysteriously gone. He testified to this, much to the thrill of those present, although he was still in pain. A moment later and all the pain drained away too and he took the microphone to testify that he had been set free! It will be fascinating to hear what happens next as he goes back to his doctor. The people in Plymouth were so happy. I am told that the meeting overan by a couple of hours as folks worshipped the healing Jesus and continued to receive from Him.

A week later I received a telephone call from the Minister telling of a man in that same meeting who was also healed in his back and was now completely off his tablets. Presumably this man had given his testimony in the church a week after I had gone. This was thrilling to hear, and as I shared this story in my home church in Cambridge, that same healing anointing began flowing again. The Holy Spirit impressed upon me that I should pray for someone suffering from a throat infection, and I described the exact symptoms of a young woman seated in the congregation. Without any hands being laid upon her she was cured in her seat and began to swallow freely and without pain. She left rejoicing and perhaps just a little stunned! I heard a little later that someone listening to the service online at home was also healed.

A new year had begun – Praise God!

January 2007

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