How Can I Know who to Marry?

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Who does God want me to marry?
How will I know when ‘the right person’ comes along?
Is it God’s choice or mine? What if God wants me to be single?
What does it mean to be unequally yoked?
Which Scriptures can be used to guide me?

The question of who a devout Christian person should marry is a difficult one, especially in Western contexts, as the Bible world was most often a place of ‘arranged marriages’ making direct advice on dating and marriage choices very rare in the Scripture. But it is not all bad news! There are a number of great wisdom tips in Genesis 24 – the story of Issac and Rebekah – which can guide this important life decision. This message was recorded live in front of the student body at Mattersey Hall, the National Leadership Academy (AOG). While some of the examples are based around college life, the principles will apply to any serious minded Christian seeking both God’s call and God’s partner in his or her life. Enjoy!

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