Three Evenings in St Ives

It was my privilege to preach at the lively Earlham Christian Centre in Norwich at the end of July 2006. The people had been well prepared for my coming and the church was good soil for the miraculous. Once again, the Holy Spirit began healing early in the service and many were freed from sickness while I was talking and teaching – I would say about five people. Of special note was a senior man who first noticed that his thumb was healed before realising that the pain in his back had also gone. I have never seen such delight in someone’s face! He was so thrilled with what Jesus had done for him, and was happy to be free of the pain. Another lady suffering with blurred vision in one eye received an unusual miracle, in that as we prayed for her repeatedly, the blurred vision began to move across her eye very slowly until there was total freedom. Another lady, unable to move her neck upwards and look at the ceiling, did so for the first time in a decade. It was a very special evening and I have no doubt there will be plenty more miracles in Norwich as they press in to be a supernatural church for their community.

St IvesSt IvesSt Ives       St Ives

I was then honoured to speak for three nights in St. Ives where once again the Holy Spirit brought many cures to the people. I think of an Indian lady healed almost instantly of the irritation in her mouth, to which her daughter gasped in amazement and said to me “That was so quick!” There were a number healed in their seats again, although not quite as many as in Norwich. These included a lady healed of a frozen shoulder; a young nurse, Sandra, who experienced pain leave both of her feet; and an unsaved man who testified to being cured of back pain and that his troubled vision had improved, even though this “was impossible”. I also laid hands on the people and a young worship leader became free from a painful restriction in her back and legs; a lady received a very significant healing from arthritis and freedom of movement in her neck, and another lady was healed in her back.

One of the ministry team asked for prayer because she was suffering from palpitations and I heard a number of weeks later that this condition had wonderfully improved, although not fully healed. I was also presented with a handkerchief on one of those evenings for a healing need not present in the building and I invited the whole congregation to join in prayer for this. It was also useful to model persistence in prayer ministry at these meetings, as very few were healed straight away. The following evening I was back in my home church and gave a brief report of my time in St. Ives. Hearing these stories, a Malaysian lady, Amy, attending the meeting was also healed in her back and began jigging around the front of the church!

PaigntonI briefly returned to Devon before the end of August for a few days’ holiday. There, I had the joy of speaking at the Paignton Assemblies of God once again, although this was more of a teaching session than a healing meeting. Nevertheless, as I prayed briefly at the end, a man (Peter) testified to having been instantly healed of a painful swollen ankle. I gripped his ankle tightly and he was certainly in no pain. Another testified to literally feeling the fire of God burning upon her hands, and wondered if the Lord was anointing her to pray with others. As I was leaving the building, a lady who I had prayed with three weeks before was thrilled to tell me of the improvement in her neck and back. She had been able to reduce her large number of pain killers down to just one. I prayed with her again and look forward to hearing exciting news next time.

Praise God!

August 2006

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