Frozen Shoulders Released

During the early days of the healing ministry in 2005, I regularly visited a small village church in Debden, Essex – they had no pastor so I was happy to come and preach for them when I could. Consequently, it became one of the first places where healings began to occur outside of Cambridge. So it was a joy to hold a Gospel meeting there again on 1st March and an even greater joy to see the venue filled up.

I shared a simple message of mankind’s need of forgiveness and after this, the Lord began to heal the people. One man (who had travelled all the way from Norwich) spoke up from the congregation to share that the pain in his body had wonderfully gone. I called for any who had restricted movement to come forward and a lady with a frozen shoulder responded. We gasped together as she lifted her right arm up – something that was quite impossible for her to do without the aid of the other arm! A man stood next to her who had a similar complaint. As I asked him to demonstrate how far his arm could rise – preparing a “before and after” moment – to his astonishment and our amusement, he was suddenly able to lift his afflicted left arm high in the air. The Lord had already healed him while he stood there waiting for prayer!

God continued healing. Ruth, asked for prayer for her painful knees and appeared to get an immediate breakthrough. An elderly lady with “sore” legs received prayer and looked a little dumbfounded as the pain mysteriously left and she began walking around. It seemed as though all who asked the Master to touch them received.

RoystonLater in March I visited some friends in Royston, near Barnsley. I spoke at two meetings there – a Saturday night revival meeting (in a venue used by Smith Wigglesworth in times gone by) and the Sunday morning church service. Around eight people testified to some measure of healing during the trip; five of them healed while listening to the ministry, and most of them young people. On the Sunday morning a lady with poor vision said that she was beginning to see clearly again, while another lady who was unable to bend forward – she said that her back would painfully “knot up” when she tried to do so – was so powerfully healed that she began to weep. She was healed of the problem immediately. What a wonderful Saviour.

I returned to Cambridge just in time to lead the Sunday evening intercession and I was more than a little tired from the weekend. However, we experienced an incredible outpouring of the Holy Spirit as we sought God together and I witnessed signs of the Spirit’s presence that I will not share here, only to say that these were wonders of God that I had only ever read about in historical papers and never truly witnessed with my own eyes. All things that God does are holy and these were holy sights.

Praise God!

March 2009

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