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People whom God trusts

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Uncategorized


Amazing to meet worship leader and prophet Richard Lewis over the weekend. Richard and his sons Matt and Ben were our guests at King’s Church for a worship concert on Sunday morning. It is so refreshing to meet genuinely gifted people who have retained all the humility that makes Jesus so attractive! Like the “John the Baptist” family or the daughters of Philip the Evangelist, here we have a whole family of Spirit-filled people, with teenager Matt (17) as strongly prophetic as his father. Knowing the private lives of many of the people over whom they spoke, I could only be amazed at their prophetic accuracy as they ministered to different ones after the concert was over. Richard had no knowledge naturally but the Holy Spirit was clearly giving insight and he and Matt had learned to hear Him carefully. Great to meet people whom God feels He can trust! If you are a church leader who loves the move of God, especially when handled maturely, touch base with Richard Lewis. We are in discussions with them about a return visit – perhaps a special one day conference in the future.

True prophecy gives hope for the future and leaves me knowing that God knows me! That’s how I left church on Sunday.